Birthday Cake

Timeless Cake Flavors

Finding the right cake flavor can be an overwhelming task. With tons of exotic cake flavors and classic favorites to choose from it is hard to choose just one kind.

Whether you want to bake it yourself or buy it from your favorite bakery, you have to prioritize how your cake will taste. But don’t stress too much, choosing cake flavors is not rocket science.

To help you out, check out some tips to make sure your cake will be the start of the party.


Chocolate cake is famous for being a crowd pleaser. A fantastic chocolate cake is dark and moist at the same time. In fact, 84% of people love chocolate cake. No one can say no to a gooey slice (or two) of chocolate cake.

However, baking a chocolate cake involves more than choosing the best chocolate or high-quality on sweetened cocoa powder. You have to intermingle other flavors with chocolate if you want it to stand out. Some popular choices include vanilla, orange zest, Marshmallows, and buttermilk.

To top your cake, you can add frosting or something rich like a chocolate ganache glaze! If you want something light, you can use caramel or buttercream frosting. Top your cake off with your child’s favorite figurine of their princess or superhero character.

Rainbow Cake

Think a single colored birthday cake is boring? Well, the rainbow cake has got you covered. If you have kids coming over, this colorful dessert would definitely be the star of the show. Simply follow the colors of the rainbow, put a dollop of cream cheese or butter cream icing between each layer, and you’re all set! You can even add sprinkles if you want to be a little extra. This cake goes very well with a unicorn themed party or a Shopkins themed party.

Vegan Almond

If some of your friends are allergic to gluten or if you want to explore vegan options, you can never go wrong with a yummy almond cake. This cake does not only taste good, it’s also very rich and healthy fats and proteins. This healthy birthday cake will taste so good, your guests well think you use regular ingredients! Make sure to add nuts to elevate its texture.

Red Velvet

If you want to make your party cake memorable, red velvet is a great option. This unique cake is loved by everyone because of its vanilla flavor with a slight hint of chocolate.

With it super smooth texture and rich taste, your guess will leave with a slice! However, it can be quite a challenge to ensure that it stays battery while still retaining it’s moistness, so make sure to follow baking instructions. After you’ve baked your cake, top it off with delicious cream cheese frosting and you’re all set!


Whoever said vanilla cake is boring obviously did not know what they are talking about. You can either stick to the vanilla frosting to keep your cake white, or maximize its potential. Vanilla is considered one of the best bases of fun flavors. Do you add some fun, you can put fruits and nuts on top. This is also a great cake for kids, as it is widely enjoyed by all. Decorate this cake with sprinkles and confetti, and top it with a figurine of your favorite princess character such as a Frozen Princess Character or Elena Princess Character.

Fun Fetti

Without question, a Fun Fetti cake is the ultimate cake that screams celebration. If you want to make this cake yourself, put tons of sprinkles into the flower before adding it to the batter this will help the sprinkles float better in the batter rather than simply sticking to the bottom.

Also, you should ensure that the rainbow sprinkles are evenly distributed. The best Fun Fetti cake has a yellow cake bass and vanilla frosting. Don’t hesitate to decorate with more sprinkles! The more the better.


Have you ever promised yourself to only have one slice of cake but couldn’t resist indulging in one more? Well, that’s exactly how you and your gas would feel about this cake.

There’s nothing like enjoying a perfect size of strawberry cake. Strawberry is an incredible flavor especially if your celebration falls in spring or summer. The best thing is, strawberry cake looks like a fancy bakery cake even though it’s very easy to make!


Do you want a cake that will make your gas want a vacation on a tropical island somewhere in the Bahamas? Then choose coconut Cake. This tropical flavor is known for its creaminess. The perfect match for this cake is a tart lime frosting or filling to complement its richness.


We hope you enjoyed reading about various different cake flavors. We’re sure you’ll  be able to find a great cake for your special occasion.



The Latest Trend In Fairy Parties

Hosting a Fairy themed birthday party? Check out the latest trends and ideas for kids fairy birthday parties!

Fairy parties are fun, whimsical and exciting. They’re perfect for young girls that are no longer into princesses but still enjoy the fun of something magical. Here we’ve listed a few ideas that are sure to spark your imagination.

On a budget? Don’t worry! We also include inexpensive ideas, crafts and decor from places like the dollar store!


1. Fairy Wand Station

We love the idea of having a fairy wand station for your daughter’s next fairy birthday party. It’s easy to grab crafts from the dollar store, which makes this an inexpensive craft to add to your event. Simply cut out stars, sticks and options to decorate. Voila! You’ve now got a special magic fairy wand for all of your guests!


2. DIY Fairy Crowns

We love the idea of adding fairy crowns to make your little fairies feel like true magic! All girls love dressing up. Adding a fairy crown for your guests to wear is the perfect addition to the decor of your party. This is also an inexpensive option, as you can purchase most of these craft items from your local dollar store or craft store.

3. Food for the Fairy Party

You can’t have a fairy party without the proper snacks to go with your theme! Check out these awesome fairy pretzel sticks dipped in frosting and sprinkles! We think this the perfect addition to your snack table. It’s also an inexpensive idea that gives a great impression to your guests!

4. Tinkerbell Fairy Party Character

Adding a Tinkerbell party character (needs to be hyperlinked to tinkerbell page) to your party is the ultimate touch to your fairy themed birthday party! The tinkerbell party character is fun, exciting, and loves to entertain you guests with games, face painting and more!

We hope you enjoy learning about the current trends for your next Fairy themed birthday party! We’re sure you’ll be able to pull off and amazing event with these fairy themed trends.

How To Throw A Taco Party

Tacos have always been a popular dinner dish, but this tasty treat is currently experiencing a popularity like never before. People are demonstrating their love for tacos with T-shirts, plush taco toys, and even little taco holder is designed to help you eat your taco in style.

The taco trend is fine and delicious and provides the perfect party theme. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, a special occasion, or just want to get folks together for some fun, you can throw a fabulous taco party. It’s a great theme for both kids and adults. Here are some ideas to get you started.


It’s fairly simple to make invitations that look like tacos. Get some taco colored card stock and cut a half circle glue little pieces of green and red construction paper to the edge to look like lettuce and tomatoes.

On the side of your invitation, write something like, “let’s taco about Elizabeth’s birthday!“ Your invitation for adults could say “come to our fiesta for tacos and tequila!“


Think Mexico when you decorate the space for your taco party. Use brightly colored crepe paper on the ceiling, and hang strings of lights. Chili peppers and morocco‘s are fabulous details. Cover chairs with blankets, those heavy throws with brightly colored stripes, and put an inflatable cactus or two in the corner. You’ll be able to find plenty of great decor at a party store or dollar store. Look for Cinco de Mayo or Day of the dead party decorations. Create is signed up for your front door.


Your obvious food choice for a taco party is tacos, and one of the best things about tacos is that everyone of your gas can create the perfect, personalized taco.

Set up your taco table with soft and crispy taco shells. Offer a variety of feelings like beef, chicken, pork, shrimp and fish. Don’t forget rice and beans for vegetarians. Add as many toppings as your table will hold. Provide gas with bowls full of cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, peppers, all lives and different types of salsa. Finish off the options with taco sauce, and guacamole

If you have enough room and adventurous guests, consider offering some unusual toppings as well. These might be bacon, coleslaw, mushrooms, pineapple or even french fries.


No matter what you are celebrating, it’s not a party until you bring out the desert. If you’re handy in the kitchen, you can make your own chocolate taco shells. Alternatively, you can let your guests build open faced tacos on his owls.

Put out ice cream, a variety of candies, chopped nuts and Sunday sauces. You can also provide fresh cut fruit into small pieces.

If you happen to be throwing a Birthday party, you can make a taco cake by cutting a round cake in half and using toothpicks to make it stand on its side. Cover the cake with yellow icing, and add frosting on the inside that looks like taco toppings. Squiggles of green icing look like lettuce, and small round candies can represent veggies.


Adding tacos to your next birthday party will be a great addition that your guests are sure to enjoy!



How To Plan Your Child’s Birthday Party Without Losing Your Mind

As a parent, you want every moment of your child’s life to be as enjoyable as possible if possible. That may be why so many parents seem to completely lose their minds when planning birthday parties for their children. They go crazy over every tiny detail, sweating over the guest list and even setting up gift registries for the children.

You do not have to go to these extremes to create a memorable birthday party for your child no matter what your friends and neighbors are doing, you can still make the great memories and gave your son or daughter a birthday they will remember forever.

No matter what your child’s age one of the smartest things you can do is get them involved in the party planning process. Your son or daughter should not simply watch the planning from the sidelines, getting them involved will raise their excitement and level and make for a better party.

From designing the invitations to developing the guest list, your child can help in almost every aspect of party planning. You can also talk about possible party themes for the upcoming celebration. Make sure your child is on board with what you have in mind, do not simply assume that your younger daughter would love a princess party or your son longs for a pirate theme.

Let your child can discuss possible venues for the birthday party. Perhaps your child has special play center in mind, a place with video games delicious pizza and fun activities. Maybe they want to hold their birthday party at a trampoline park where they can run, jobs and play with their friends.

Maybe your child prefers something a little more unusual, like a birthday trip to an animal farm where they can meet and touch friendly barnyard creatures. This kind of theme party is a natural for animal lovers, but other kids may like it as well.

Your child may even want to help design the menu for their birthday party. There will obviously be ice cream and cake, but would they prefer pizza, chicken nuggets or hamburgers And hotdogs on the grill? As a parent, you will need to take any food sensitivities into account.

If you are planning a themed party, you can make the food and drink part of the overall theme. A pirate themed party, for instants, might include a Pirates chest filled with juices, Sodas and other drinks. You can make your daughters princess themed party even more special with a castle shaped cake. When it comes to the guest list, remember that smaller is often better for young children. For children in the 3 to 5 range range a large gathering could be overwhelming and even frightening. Keeping the guest list to close friends and family members is probably the best approach.

Keeping in mind the age of the party-goers is also a smart move when planning a birthday party for young children. And hour or so should be plenty of time for the gather toddlers to enjoy a piece of cake and a dish of ice cream.

We hope you enjoyed our advice on how to plan your child’s next birthday party!



4 Amazing Kids Party Ideas To Have At Home

Planning birthday parties for kids can be a cause of stress for many parents. Rather than worrying, have fun with the planning process, involve your child, and create an event full party that will delight both you and the special birthday girl or boy. Below are four exciting party ideas that will please all partygoers.

A Musical Party

Kids love music, so why not plan a party around this theme? For example, a rock ‘n’ roll theme party brings out the musicians and everyone. Kids can either bring their own musical instruments are the host can supply and range of Instruments from guitars to tambourines and egg shakers. Kids can turns working on a tune of their own creation or have an adult help bring a song together school of rock style. Another option is to have music that they can play along with, karaoke style. Rather than gift bags consider making rock shirts with iron on decals from favorite bands are creating a playlist of the birthday child’s likings and put it into a CD for kids to take home.

Sports Event

Consider a sports themed party with a primary games such as soccer. Given its basic rules and equipment, it’s a sport that almost anyone can play for an afternoon of fun. Kids can mix up the teams periodically to keep the game fair, based on skill level. Have medals or prizes for unusual events, such as the craziest kick award or the wildest post goal celebration with jumps and somersaults to celebrate a team goal, such as the style of Brazil’s famous soccer player Neymar Junior. Take-home team shirts and soccer cupcakes to complete the event.

Lego Theme

Lego is an ageless activity that can be enjoyed by kids of all ages. Lego parties can include Lego building challenges with specific questions, such as building a ship or castle with an a set time or making a unique creation using all the Lego pieces provided. Fun accessories include name cards for each child with printed Lego characters and the child’s name how old up between Lego pieces. Gift bags can contain Lego candy, Lego keychains, and small Lego figurines. Affordable clearance items can be found ahead of time online through the Lego store or Amazon. Having a Lego character at your party also adds a touch of excitement and entertainment.

Superhero Party

Superhero birthday parties are timeless and never seem to run Drive. Hiring Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman or numerous other super heroes, will set the stage for an exciting event. You can adapt to classic party games to a superhero theme, such as panda lightning bolt on flashes chest or treasure hunts organize to find a villain like the joker or the Redlor. Superhero themed decorations can easily be found in bulk from online party stores.