Timeless Cake Flavors

Finding the right cake flavor can be an overwhelming task. With tons of exotic cake flavors and classic favorites to choose from it is hard to choose just one kind.

Whether you want to bake it yourself or buy it from your favorite bakery, you have to prioritize how your cake will taste. But don’t stress too much, choosing cake flavors is not rocket science.

To help you out, check out some tips to make sure your cake will be the start of the party.


Chocolate cake is famous for being a crowd pleaser. A fantastic chocolate cake is dark and moist at the same time. In fact, 84% of people love chocolate cake. No one can say no to a gooey slice (or two) of chocolate cake.

However, baking a chocolate cake involves more than choosing the best chocolate or high-quality on sweetened cocoa powder. You have to intermingle other flavors with chocolate if you want it to stand out. Some popular choices include vanilla, orange zest, Marshmallows, and buttermilk.

To top your cake, you can add frosting or something rich like a chocolate ganache glaze! If you want something light, you can use caramel or buttercream frosting. Top your cake off with your child’s favorite figurine of their princess or superhero character.

Rainbow Cake

Think a single colored birthday cake is boring? Well, the rainbow cake has got you covered. If you have kids coming over, this colorful dessert would definitely be the star of the show. Simply follow the colors of the rainbow, put a dollop of cream cheese or butter cream icing between each layer, and you’re all set! You can even add sprinkles if you want to be a little extra. This cake goes very well with a unicorn themed party or a Shopkins themed party.

Vegan Almond

If some of your friends are allergic to gluten or if you want to explore vegan options, you can never go wrong with a yummy almond cake. This cake does not only taste good, it’s also very rich and healthy fats and proteins. This healthy birthday cake will taste so good, your guests well think you use regular ingredients! Make sure to add nuts to elevate its texture.

Red Velvet

If you want to make your party cake memorable, red velvet is a great option. This unique cake is loved by everyone because of its vanilla flavor with a slight hint of chocolate.

With it super smooth texture and rich taste, your guess will leave with a slice! However, it can be quite a challenge to ensure that it stays battery while still retaining it’s moistness, so make sure to follow baking instructions. After you’ve baked your cake, top it off with delicious cream cheese frosting and you’re all set!


Whoever said vanilla cake is boring obviously did not know what they are talking about. You can either stick to the vanilla frosting to keep your cake white, or maximize its potential. Vanilla is considered one of the best bases of fun flavors. Do you add some fun, you can put fruits and nuts on top. This is also a great cake for kids, as it is widely enjoyed by all. Decorate this cake with sprinkles and confetti, and top it with a figurine of your favorite princess character such as a Frozen Princess Character or Elena Princess Character.

Fun Fetti

Without question, a Fun Fetti cake is the ultimate cake that screams celebration. If you want to make this cake yourself, put tons of sprinkles into the flower before adding it to the batter this will help the sprinkles float better in the batter rather than simply sticking to the bottom.

Also, you should ensure that the rainbow sprinkles are evenly distributed. The best Fun Fetti cake has a yellow cake bass and vanilla frosting. Don’t hesitate to decorate with more sprinkles! The more the better.


Have you ever promised yourself to only have one slice of cake but couldn’t resist indulging in one more? Well, that’s exactly how you and your gas would feel about this cake.

There’s nothing like enjoying a perfect size of strawberry cake. Strawberry is an incredible flavor especially if your celebration falls in spring or summer. The best thing is, strawberry cake looks like a fancy bakery cake even though it’s very easy to make!


Do you want a cake that will make your gas want a vacation on a tropical island somewhere in the Bahamas? Then choose coconut Cake. This tropical flavor is known for its creaminess. The perfect match for this cake is a tart lime frosting or filling to complement its richness.


We hope you enjoyed reading about various different cake flavors. We’re sure you’ll  be able to find a great cake for your special occasion.